Challenge Roma, 29 nations represented and 80 pro athletes will be at start

Challenge Roma, 29 nations represented and 80 pro athletes will be at start
The Challenge Roma dresses the colors of the whole world. An international triathlon race, first European competition of Challenge Family circuit, scheduled in the long weekend of 13-15 April at the Marina of Rome, for this second edition hosts a large foreign representation with 29 nations, as well as 80 Pro athletes (a record if compared to the other races of the circuit that usually do not exceed 30 pro athletes).
For Italy there will be the Italian champion Marta Bernardi, emerging star of the discipline.
The British colony emerges with 24 triathletes at the start, followed by Spain with 14 and Germany with 11. Then Switzerland, Holland, Russia, Cyprus and the United States, as well as many from North and Eastern Europe.
For now, about a third of the athletes at the start are foreigners, confirming the growth in terms of visibility and prestige of the Roman race, unique in its kind for the centrality of the location, for the charm of the city and its position in the international calendar that places it as the first big date of the season.

What will kick off at the Challenge Roma will be a high level parterre. Attracted by the charm of the Capital and by the calendar that places the race as the first test of the 2018 season in Europe, lots of PROs are keen to join Challenge Rome second edition and the fair weather of roman spring.

Among others, the Slovenian Jaroslav Kovacic, 34, the British Will Clarke, 33, the German Andreas Dreitz, 34 years winner of Cervia (Italy) full distance.

But they will not be the only ones. In addition, the Germans Alexander Schilling, 30, and Michael Goehner, 38, the Spaniards Inaki Baldellou, 29 ann, and Pablo Dapena Gonzalez, 30, the Russian Georgii Kaurov, 25, and the young British George Goodwin, 22 years.

Among the women, all eyes will be on the Italian medium-distance champion Marta Bernardi, 28 years old and the new name of the international triathlon. Two skilled athletes will challenge her: the Dutch Yvonne Van Vlerken, 39, the British Caroline Livesey, 38 years old.

In addition to them also the Hungarian Gabriella Zelinka, 27, the young Russian Mariia Bibicheva, just 21 years old, the Czech Simona Krivankova, 35, the two Belgian Sofie Goos and Karen Steurs, respectively 37 and 38 years, and the Croatian Sonja Skevin, 23 years old.

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